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Fire Protection
California Safety Company technicians are factory trained and state licensed fire-life safety technicians. We are a full service fire alarm installing, service, and testing company. California Safety Company is a full service alarm company that can see your project through from the engineering phase, through installation, and finally annual required testing. We can even monitor your system at our local UL listed Central Station in Redding, CA

California Safety Company does not install bargain basement instrusion systems. Many companies advertise "free" systems. What they don't tell you is that these systems are inadequate for your security needs. Most of these "free" systems only include 2 doors, and a motion detector. Do you think one size fits all when it comes to your safety? California Safety Company will come to your home to do a free inspection. We will address all of your security needs so that when you arm your alarm system, you KNOW you are safe.

Access Control
Security systems offer great protection from intruders, but sometimes you need to limit access while you're open. Access control systems can limit employee access to sensitive areas such as server rooms, areas where cash is stored, etc.. Access control systems can also be used to keep track of employees. Finding out who went in over the weekend is easy! Each entry into the building is logged when a card is swiped or a code entered (or both!). California Safety can install a system that serves your needs. We offer large complex access control, or scaled down, more affordable systems.

Surveillance Systems
California Safety Company installs modern, commercial grade surveillance systems using the latest technology and highest grade equipment. We are able to install systems using many different platforms in order to customize your equipment to make it work best for you. Remote viewing applications and software also allow you to spend more time with your loved ones. These remote viewing tools allow you to keep tabs on your business, without sacrificing time with your family.

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